Mad Decent Peyote Pizza Braykz - A Mad Decent x Thump x Serato Collaboration Control Vinyl (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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Mad Decent teams up with Thump and Serato for some battle style control vinyl! Paul Devro took a page straight out of the classic Dirtstyle playbook on this one, hooking up an extremely useful and versatile set of beats and samples to fully rock the house (complete with titles like "128mph Moonwalking Sloth Beats"). It's an eclectic and totally hype set of sounds including some jersey club, dancehall, EDM, and hip-hop, peppered with vocal bits from Riff Raff, Blaqstarr, and Nicky Da B, with Serato tones on the B-sides. Comes as a pair pressed up on bright orange vinyl to match the mind-melting pizza-splattered jacket.

  • comes as a pair
  • colored vinyl pressing
  • features Serato CV02.5 Control Tone on the B-Sides
  • music label: Serato / Mad Decent 2015