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Unless Stones Throw gets into porn (Madlib vs. Butt Dentist!), I don't know how they are going follow this up. Without exaggeration, this is one of the greatest meeting of the minds in this whole SP1200 using, dusty records searching, notebook rhyme tagging, state of mind. MF Doom arguably at his amoeba genius prime, mixed with the unpredictable stoned aesthetics of Madlib? Kids in Germany are going crazy over this! Stones Throw has always been soft-spoken and classy in their marketing (which I respect them for), but with this they need to pop in some "boo-ya's!" and "fo dat azz's!!!" Aside from the silliness, I'm here to tell you that this album lives up to the billing, reading like a mesmerizing novel. The inclusion of lyrics in the CD insert (vinyl buyers get it at is a welcome introduction into the world that is Doom (no more rewinding!); and Madlib, who sometimes is stretched too thin, steps up to this encounter with some of his most textural work. This is X-factor issue #1, you don't know what the hell will happen. Instead of ruining the story, I'll let you explore the audio clips, here are some to nipple at: "Accordion, Raid feat. Medaphoar, America's Most Blunted(3) feat. Quasimoto, Money Folder, Shadows Of Tomorrow Feat. Quas, Operation Lifesaver Aka Mind Test, Figaro, All Caps, Curls" and "Rhinestone Cowboy."

reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2005
  • music label: Stones Throw