Manu Dibango Kusini Original Soundtrack LP

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Private press, numbered blaxploitation promo record that has sold for over $500. Pressed up for and given out at the movie preview at the annual convention of Delta Sigma Theta, Seattle, Washington, August 6th, 1975 (Delta Sigma Theta also put out the record on their D.S.T. imprint). Sounds like a Daktaris-type fabricated hype backstory , but by all accounts (posts and sales dating back several years), it's true. This is the first reissue of the album, and the grooves actually live up to the hype. Darker and deeper than Manu Dibango's "Soul Makossa", this is what you imagine an afro-blaxploitation soundtrack to sound like. There's even a heavy touch of jazz to give it that extra depth. And at 12 tracks deep (remastered as well) and clocking in at 50 minutes, there's a lot to get into here. Recommended.

  • D.S.T. Telecommunications, Inc. 1975 / 2013
reviewed by the mgmnt 06/2013