Marian Hill Act One Vinyl 2LP

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Jeremy Lloyd is the producer, and Samantha Gongol handles the vocals. Together they make up Mariah Hill, and Act One is the duo’s debut full-length. The album is modern yet classic, combining digital, bass-heavy programming with melodic vocals informed by r&b, blues and jazz singers of past and present. Despite the far-ranging influences, Lloyd and Gongol present a coherent sound—a forward looking brand of electronic pop. Check out the opener “Down (that beat drop!),” or “Talk to Me” characterized by the mutated brass stabs. “Mistaken” also stands out thanks to a solid guest appearance by Steve Davit, an improvisational jazz musician, and other tracks to check out include “Take Your Time,” “Good,” and “Same Thing.”

  • music label: Republic Records 2016
reviewed by donut savage 06/2016