Martyn Masks / Viper 12"

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Dutch DJ/producer and 3024 label head Martyn makes an appearance on Brainfeeder for Masks/Viper. This pair of forward thinking joints that are decidedly more dance-y than anything Flylo's LA-based imprint has released to date and I'm certainly not mad at that. "Masks" sets it off on a future house groove filled with deep bubbling bass, subtle-but-tingly rave synths and bouncey drum programming aimed square at the dancefloor. "Viper" takes a different approach and gets rid of the drums almost completely. The track rides on a sinister bass line and insistent arpeggios that grow and swell as it progresses. It's almost like a mix tool in its original form, but London Arches is on the edit adding punched up drums for more of a dark acid techno feel.

  • music label: Brainfeeder 2011
reviewed by Snackmaster 10/2011