Masta Ace Incorporated Sittin' On Chrome (Chrome Vinyl) 2LP

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After his Juice Crew days, Ace re-emerged in 93 as Masta Ace Incorporated. The Inc. featured crew members Paula Perry, Lord Digga, Leschea, and a new west coast jeep beat sound. When Inc. first came out, heads were baffled as Ace was one of the first east coast heads to take on the west coast gangsta sound. Slaughtahouse, the first Inc. record, was sort of an underground success, as heads got accustomed to hearing the NY delivery over bass heavy beats. Sittin on Chrome, released 2 years later wasn't taken as well, but was saved by 3 standout singles. "Sittin On Chrome," "Born To Roll" and the Louie Vega produced "INC Ride" are some of the best this genre has to offer. "Sittin" and "Born" are straight up, bass in the fi-dace bass tracks, while "INC Ride" sounds a lot like an east coast g-thang. If you are into discovering albums as a whole, you might find more here, but for us short attention span people, these three are the budonkadonk. Deluxe reissue on limited edition chrome vinyl.

  • Music Label: Get On Down 2012
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2005