Max Tannone Mic Check 1234 - Rap vs Punk LP

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It's bigger than hip hop! Of course it is. Mashup master Max Tannone continues his mix and match spree with Mic Check 1234. The title pretty much says it all if the cover didn't do it for you; classic punk anthems smoothly blended with rap's greatest hits. It really makes me think of the perfect spring break soundtrack. There's plenty of ways you could go wrong with this, but Tannone kinda kills it. He takes two favorites and puts 'em together for maximum fun and enjoyment. As far as what the OG punks and hip hop stars may have to say about this, who gives an f? These are real party jams for real party people! Peep "America Calling" for a prime example. The Clash's "London Calling" is the kind of song that everyone knows but they don't know, combine that with a little Eminem and the white kids will be calling you king in no time. The real killer here is the M.O.P. and Operation Ivy mash fiesta "Ante Up The Crowd." Shipset's Really Nathan was particularly geeked on that one. Recommended for sorority bashes, beerpong championships and summer camp hazings.

  • music label: Max Tannone 2013
reviewed by Kool Moby 05/2013