MB Edits Music Sounds Better With You / Music Vs. The Bomb (Colored Vinyl) 12"

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Unfadeable party jams, upgraded. Stardust's "Music Sounds Better" and Bucketheads "The Bomb" are two tracks that really need no introduction. Both are proven party staples that work the floor every time. So how do you make them even better? Put 'em together! MB Edits taps Rayko who does an awesome job of fusing the two tracks together for an unstoppable mega-jam. "Music Vs. The Bomb" does exactly what you want it too, a house mash-up of epic proportions. On the flip, label honcho Martin Brodin takes another approach and gives "Music Sounds Better" a sleek, new disco makeover. Pressed on marbled raspberry vinyl, recommended.

  • music label: MB Edits 2013
reviewed by TKB 12/2013