McDonald and Giles McDonald and Giles LP

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A diggers classic. Released in 1971 by former members of King Crimson, this was their sole release and has become a modern cult classic. "Tomorrow's People" is blatant offender here: an orgasmic concoction of drums, British accents, and thematic jamming. Once you wipe the white stuff from the corner of your mouth, the rest of the album falls into place as a Eames lounger long player. "Flight Of The Ibis" is particularly gorgeous and wouldn't sound out of place on the White Album or the green one. When I think of how digger's psyche albums should sound, the Birdman trilogy is what I hear in my ears: full of twists, sample-able snippets, and questions (more than answers). Glossy gatefold, french pressing.

  • music label: Klimt 197/ 2013
reviewed by the mgmnt 04/2013