Memory Tapes Player Piano (w/ FREE MP3 Download) LP

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Sophomore effort from Dayve Hawk aka Weird Tapes, Memory Cassette, and finally, Memory Tapes. Whereas his debut LP Seek Magic was filled with dance-centric rhythms, electronic textures and chill (wave) overtones, Player Piano focuses on Memory Tapes' skills as a singer/song writer creating a full force excursion into dreamy pop rock sounds. Gone are most of the synthesizers and drum machines, replaced by acoustic instruments like guitars, organs, and drums. And though the sound kit has changed dramatically, the mood remains for the most part dreamy and hazy, just with a lot more pop. Highlights include "Yes I Know," "Wait In the Dark," "Sunhits," "Offers," "Fell Thru Ice," and "Trance Sisters." 12 tracks total.

  • music label: Carpark
reviewed by Von Bee 06/2011