MF Doom King Geedorah - Take Me To Your Leader Deluxe (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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Now on deluxe colored vinyl! For me, buying MF Doom records is one of the few activities that captures that feeling of refuge found in thrift stores when you are trapped in suburbia, seeking a getaway from all the predictability and mass market chain stores. Doom is one of today's true variables. You can never imagine his next move. His 2003 debut release on Ninja Tune's subsidiary Big Dada is what you'd expect from the unexpected; nothing and everything. The album is truly free form, only relying on the boom bip frame. I love the GTO-type of I-can-drive-fucking-anywhere-I-want feeling on "Fastlane" featuring Biolante. Beautiful downtempo? Check the instrumental interlude "Monster Zero," which sets up the unbelievably smooth talkin "Anti Matter" clack clack clack. Throughout the album, Doom's beats make unknown emcees sound like lottery picks, check quickies like "Lockjaw" featuring Trunks. Fittingly, Doom takes on the final track, "The Fine Print." Is that an outtro or what? Off into the dust. 13 tracks in all with lots of guests. This pressing also comes with a pop-out insert (so you can make a little diorama just like the cover) and free MP3 download. Recommended.

  • colored vinyl pressing
  • foil printed cover
  • popout insert w/ original instructions
  • digital download included
  • music label: Big Dada 2016
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2016