MF Doom Live From Planet X Vinyl LP

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“DOOM IS NOT ON TWITTER,” reads MF Doom’s ONLY tweet (from 2010) on his VERIFIED account. In this age of DMs and millions of other ways for access, the hip-hop villain remains a mystery; he even had imposters rocking shows (supposedly) in the past. Live From Planet X, recorded circa early 2000, came out on CD in 2005, and it was a huge deal because of the MC’s aforementioned tendencies. Now, for the first time ever, the 50-minute recording from an undisclosed location (some say it was in SF) is on vinyl, complete with new artwork accented with metallic foil print. The record consists of live iterations of DOOM classics from Operation Doomsday, Madvillainy, and MM…Food? and it is a rare chance for fans to experience the genius of Viktor Vaughn in a more intimate, direct, “straight from the soundboard” manner. Recommended.

  • music label: Metal Face Records 2016
reviewed by buffalo fingers 05/2016