MF Doom Operation Doomsday Vinyl 2LP

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Back on black! Operation Doomsday faithfully reissued on standard black double vinyl with OG cover, just like it was back in 1999 on the original Fondle 'Em release. Remastered sound for best possible bump, plus poster insert of the cover included - it doesn't get more classic than this! Lab heads should know the music, but here's our original review of the album as a refresher: Zev Love X of KMD reincarnated himself as MF Doom the masked villain who came out the ashes of the death (RIP Subroc) and major label weakness (fuc Elektra). He blasted back on the scene with a series of acclaimed Fondle 'Em vinyl releases (which now go for 40+ buck a pop!). All of a sudden, his early material was gone. Luckily MF has released a new pressing of his full length which includes all 89.9 classics like "Dead Bent" (yes!), "Red and Gold," and "Gas Drawls." The production is rough and the guests stanky the way like we like it. Classic NY underground. 18 tracks in all.

  • remastered from original Fondle 'Em release
  • poster insert
  • music label: Metal Face Records 2016
reviewed by snackmaster 09/2016