MF Doom Sadevillain (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Sometimes it's the most unlikely pairings that work best. Grimy underground raps with the smoothest of smooth jazz? Yeah, something like that. That might've been what 18 year old English producer Seanh was thinking when he came up with Sadevillain - a that project puts MF Doom's signature mic stylings over relaxing beats crafted from Sade instrumentals (with a little Sade ad-libbing over the top for good measure). The combination works surprisingly well - and seeing as Doom sampled Sade for the original "Operation Doomsday" beat, it all kinda makes sense. Check "Silver Spoon," "Hold On Vaughn," and the ridiculously smooth "Hot Pants" for a taste. Well done. 8 tracks in all on limited colored vinyl.

  • colored vinyl pressing
  • music label: Sadevillain 2016
reviewed by Banana Nutrament 05/2016