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Two sessions from the mid 50s featuring Miles Davis. The first side was recorded in 1953 and featured Davis, Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker on tenor saxes, Walter Bishop on piano, Percy Heath on bass and Philly Joe Jones on drums. It was the second time that Parker would be recorded on tenor sax and the only time that he recorded with Rollins. The session was very chaotic for Davis as his heroin habit had become particularly bad at the onset of 1953. Parker had quit using heroin by that time but supplanted it with large amounts of alcohol. He proceed to drink a quart of vodka at the rehearsal and spoke condescendingly towards Davis. Parker passed out after he and Davis argued, with Davis becoming so mad that he played poorly. This in turn angered the producer and led to the session remaining unreleased. In 1956 Davis signed with Columbia, but still owed Prestige a half session. He went back in to record with Rollins , Tommy Flanagan on piano, bassist Paul Chambers and Art Taylor on drums. The contrast between the two sides is palpable. The second side feels much more laid back, missing the chaos of the first side.

  • music label: Prestige 1956 / 1983
reviewed by Cool Hand 09/2014