Miles Davis In A Silent Way (180g) Vinyl LP

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Now on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl. Historically, In A Silent Way is known to be Miles Davis' first studio album that fully embraced electronics, so basically it's his first fusion record. Of course, this one paved the way for Bitches Brew, and we all know and love that one. Also, check the personnel: Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and John McLaughlin! Excellent playing all around, but maybe not the virtuosic stuff you might be imagining. Nope, this one is definitely mellow, each side is a whole song. The songs meander and evolve, and thanks to the editing of Teo Macero they actually mimic sonata format, in which there is a musical statement that is declared, developed and then recapitulated (this is why the end of each side is the same as the beginning). This is a perfect record for a lazy afternoon or a relaxed evening at home, full of gorgeous laid back sounds. Recommended.

  • 180 gram pressing
  • music label: Columbia 2013
reviewed by Hi-res 05/2016