Miles Davis Shoes of Miles Davis EP

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Shoes has been undeniably one of the most popular remixers on the Lab pages for the last couple years. Everything he puts out flies out of here, partly because he picks what the people want (not what they don't know) and he's damn good at adding bump and dub to the bumpless and dubless. This is his most ambitious project yet, as he tackles the Miles Davis catalog (which I'm surprised that no one else has done yet) with four different styles. "So What(1)" starts it off dubwise, then we get into thumping, gratifying breakbeats with "Gone(2)." The flip continues with the most impressive track of the set, "In A Silent Way(3)," which sounds like a cross between an old DJ Krush record and a Theo Parrish Ugly Edit. Serious. Shoes brings it to a close with a version(4) of "Bitches Brew," a modernized abstract beats take on the Miles' swirling, musky original. Highly recommended.

  • music label: Shoes 2008
reviewed by the mgmnt