• Miles: Faint Hearted LP

Faint Hearted LP

Modern Love

↳ dark and droney ambient techo

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There's something dark lurking beneath the surface of Faint Hearted. It's relatively self-explanatory though. If you're familiar with the UK's Modern Love label you've most likely heard of Demdike Stare and you've most definitely heard the music of Andy Stott. Miles Whittaker is one half of the former, creating some of the bleakest techno of the last decade, and has collaborated with Stott exploring dubstep and breakbeat. He's got a myriad of other collaborations under his belt, and it seems where ever he lays his hand an unsettling aesthetic is left in his wake. Faint Hearted is Whitaker's first solo outing as Miles and he takes the opportunity to explore his influences in ways his previous projects have not allowed him to. It's clear from the opener, "Lebensform," that we are in for something different. However, the wide open near dancefloor readiness of that track does not stick around for long. We're treated to reverb filled drones, disjointed delay heavy beat explorations and ambient arpeggios that recall the KLF. The album does not suffer from its lack of central focus though. It proves to be a satisfying listen from front to back. A must for any fan of the Modern Love sound. Limited edition clear vinyl pressing.

  • music label: Modern Love 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 07/2013



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