Milton Wright Original Friends And Buddies Vinyl LP

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Unreleased alternate version of Milton Wright's 70's soul masterpiece! Originally released on Alston in 1975, Friends And Buddies was the debut full length from Milton. Most (including this reviewer) know Wright for the digger favorite "Keep It Up" but few have actually been able to track down the entire album, much less these alternative takes. As the story goes, this version was shelved at the last minute with only a handful of promo copies escaping into the wild. The few original copies remain in collections of the those in the know and the original master tapes were also burned in a fire at T.K. Disco Miami, making these versions rare even to the label heads themselves! Thankfully, Athens Of The North has given this very hidden soul gem a long overdue reissue in its true original form. Those that know the second version of Friends And Buddies will notice a stripped down sound, for a more soulful, home grown feeling. 9 tracks in all, housed in heavyweight tip-on sleeve, complete with liner notes from Milton Wright himself! Recommended.

  • unreleased alternate versions
  • new sleeve notes by Milton Wright
  • super heavy, tip-on sleeve
  • music label: Athens Of The North 2015
reviewed by Bo Linas 04/2015