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Debut full length from Mind Fair on Golf Channel! Mind Fair is a collaborative project from Dean Meredith (of Chicken Lips and Rhythm Odyssey fame) and UK-based producer Ben Shenton. The two have been killing it in the underground circuit for a minute now with previous 12"s on cult labels like International Feel, Rogue Cat Sounds, and of NY's own Golf Channel Recordings, culminating in this impressive self-titled album. The result is an exploration through realms of beneath the surface disco, examining and experimenting with the left-of-center styles and many variations there of. Mind Fair offers kaleidoscopic visions through sound (fitting of their name) - seamlessly melding disco, psych, kraut, funk, dub, and more, into a very danceable, and equally very listenable, album. Well recommended.

  • music label: Golf Channel 2014
reviewed by Gichy Stan 10/2014