Minor Science Whities 004 Vinyl 12"

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Whities has turned out high quality house and techno since launching early last year. The Young Turks offshoot has already dropped in demand releases from Kowton and Terron, and continues the trend with their fourth installment. This time around the label taps Minor Science for two tracks of spacious, experimental techno. Opener "Closing Acts" seems to continue where Minor Science's 2014 Trilogy Tapes debut left off. A 4/4 kick lays the foundation for space station bleeps and jazzy experimentation. Minor chords come in to join the groove, but the track never seems to repeat itself. "Glamour," which takes up the B side, seems even more alien. A disembodied voice turns percussive while drum machine rhythms pop in for a spat. There's an underlying sense of a beat, but that is helped along by a staccato bass line rather than any true semblance of a bass drum. Real future forward material to warp your head around.

  • music label: Whities 2015
reviewed by Joey Coco 07/2015