Model 500 Night Drive (Juan Atkins) Vinyl 12"

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I'm driving in a black on black in black Porsche 924... Absolutely essential Detroit classic from Juan Atkins aka Model 500. Can you believe this came out back in 1985? The track still sounds so fresh and futuristic to this day. That dystopian funk rides heavy over a bulletproof electro beat with Juan going over the top with some space age spoken word shit. So sick. Flipside features "Time Space Transmat" (basically the instrumental version of "Night Drive"), and the D-Mix of Model 500's mega-tough paranoid funk jam "No UFO's." Official 2016 reissue with remastered sound. Recommended.

  • remastered sound
  • music label: Metroplex 2016
reviewed by Otakun 06/2016