Mono Junk vs Mesak Deep In My Mind Vinyl 12"

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Into the depths of your neural cortex. Finnish techno O.G. Mono Junk (aka Kimmo Rapatti) teams up with fellow Finn Mesak for a trip to the deepest and darkest techno zones. The original mix of "Deep In My Mind" is a descent into techno madness with twitchy synths, a sizzling acid line, and paranoid percussion. The Mono Mix takes the opposite approach by getting rid of the drums completely and letting the synths soar into infinite space, while the electro mix goes full-on electro - syncopated beats and all. Also includes "SYSdrum" to fill any void of raw, angsty electro you may still have in your soul.

  • music label: Dum Records 2016
reviewed by Systematik 03/2016