Monophonics Sound Of Sinning Vinyl LP

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Heavy duty psychedelic soul with a serious dose of funk! Bay Area based six piece, Monophonics, swim in a stew that takes elements from their home's rich musical history and mixes them with the sounds of Motown and southern soul. The sound will definitely take you back into time with its emphasis on larger than life soul and psychedelic rock. There's the spaced out garage rock of opener, "Lying Eyes," which will transport you back to the 60s. The band's sound is big and unabashed, the vocals sung from the gut, and the bass deep and funky. There are plenty of great moments on the album, from the title track to the Supremes-esque "Hanging On," the Memphis soul of "Finding My Way Back Home," and album closer, "Everyone's Got..." Quality material that should not be overlooked by anyone who's digging the funk and soul sound.

  • music label: Transistor Sound 2015
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 08/2015