Moodymann I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits Vinyl 12"

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With "I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits" Moodymann took one of the greatest Chic tunes, "I Want Your Love," and reworked it into a Detroit house classic. Originally released way back in 1996, it remains a testament to how so much can be done with so little in the right hands. If you're at all familiar with house music's long and storied past you know what I'm talking about. The remixes come from Appointment, which is apparently made up of four members of Berlin's mysterious Livejam crew. These dudes are known for their purist take on house and techno production; all analog, one take recordings, and strictly vinyl only releases. The first one strips nearly everything away from the KDJ original and leaves in its wake some seriously stripped down and powerful drum programming that lays the bed for a repeating spoken word sample. Things get really gritty on the second remix, as the Chic vocal sample is buried underneath some drums that might make your needle jump out of the groove. So far Appointment and their Livejam counterparts have remained an underground phenomenon, but now that they're sharing records with Detroit house royalty I'm sure more people are going to be checking for their records. Highest quality import pressing.

  • music label: Decks Reworx 2011
reviewed by The Voice 04/2011