Morgan Geist Super Vinyl 12"

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15th anniversary repress! Originally released in 2001, the Super EP finds Morgan Geist (Metro Area and Environ Records honcho) melding the sensibilities of his earlier techno productions with the '80s synth-dubbiness of the Metro Area sound. "24K" is the jam, a serious groover with soulful R & B electro flourishes and vibe that just won't quit. "Sleaze" comes next and flaunts a definite Detroit influence, but the real stunner here though is "Lullaby." It starts off with some nice Kraftwerk-ian drum-machine business under a pretty synth melody. After a few minutes you're going, "yeah, that's the shit, nice..." and then all of a sudden out pops an amazing, understated trumpet solo (by James Duncan)! Yeah, for real. One of those moments that you didn't think could happen on a "dance" record. It's a killer, and it will make you feel warm inside. Recommended.

  • music label: Environ 2001 / 2016
reviewed by Language 05/2016