Mr. K Trans-Europe Express Edits (Kraftwerk) Vinyl 7"

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7" Vinyl $10.95
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Danny Krivit once again schooling ya'll on what an edit should sound like. This time around the NY living legend takes on the German pioneers with a stunning edit of"Trans-Europe Express." Mr. K straight kills it, transforming the Kraftwerk original into a spiraling excursion into metal on metal drums. To lift something from the old school Lab archives - "dark ass sewer clang percussion and shotgun cock sounds lead into this infinite vortex of robot lemming synth squeals." Yup, it goes hard like that. Features the Krivit's edit back with the Mr. K 7" Beats edit that cuts to the chase. Out of control goodness as usual from Most Excellent Unlimited. Recommended.

  • music label: Most Excellent Unlimited 2016
reviewed by Der Kommissar 08/2016