N'Conduit & Jack Fuller Borsalino Vinyl 12"

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Cut Mistake Music has been releasing a compelling variety of music over the past few years. The label's music skates the boundaries of house and techno while taking excursions into krautrock and more ambient territory. Borsalino finds Brooklyn based producer & engineer Alex Hamadey teaming up with Harlem based singer, songwriter and dancer Jack Fuller. Fuller has worked closely with pop and hip hop acts, including Azealia Banks and is a part of the vogue trap project, aNvKai. Hamadey's dark and minimal productions prove to be the perfect foil for Fuller's soulful tenor. There's nothing straight ahead about tracks on Borsalino, the music is otherworldly, seemingly designed to take you out into space. The tracks evolve over time, Fuller's vocals investigating the space as Hamadey adds layers of percussion and synthetic sounds. The 12" is a fascinating collection of tracks worth exploring through repeated listens. Recommended.

  • music label: Cut Mistake Music 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 03/2015