Nick Waterhouse Time's All Gone Vinyl LP

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Fans of 50s Rock 'n' Roll and R&B, Nick Waterhouse has got you covered. The young guitarist out of Santa Ana, California has been studying the art form since he was a teenager. He's got the guitar and vocal chops to cover the best, and the songwriting skills to forge new ground. With his choice of material he's definitely moving forward into the past and it's with a rawness that is hard to find these days. His debut album Time's All Gone follows some highly sought after singles (his first release has been known to fetch upwards of $300) and is packed with the back-alley thrill of New Orleans, Detroit and Memphis in their heyday. Just check out "Some Place," "I Can Only Give You Everything," and "(If) You Want Trouble" for starters. You'll see that Waterhouse and his backing band can pack a serious punch and ain't messing around.

  • music label: Innovative Leisure Records 2012
reviewed by Le Haim 06/2014