Nina Kraviz Nina Kraviz 2LP

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Over the past few years Nina Kraviz has made her presence felt in the deep house scene with releases on Rekids, Underground Quality and Naif. Her productions typically take their time winding their way through rhythms and patterns and are imbued with an immense sense of space. A pounding foundation of 808s sits ready for her off-kilter vocals and melting pads to do their thing. The tracks that make up her eponymous full length trade off between subtle house bangers and out there ambient workouts. There's a certain attention to detail that one may only find in Berlin, but the emotion is just as palpable. Whether she is spinning hypnotic lyrics around lead single "Ghetto Kraviz," or getting a little closer to classic house with "Taxi Talk," you get the feeling that the tracks will prove their mettle on the dance floor. And there is no doubt that this record is going to be played till the needle falls off. Recommended.

  • music label: Rekids 2012
reviewed by The Voice 03/2012