Nino Nardini, Eddie Warner, Roger Roger Studio Ganaro Space Oddities 1972-1982 Vinyl LP

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Incredible collection of experimental French electronics from three pioneers of the sound. Studio Ganaro Space Oddities collects some of the most potent work of veteran French studio masters - Nino Nardini, Eddie Warner, and Roger Roger from the 70's and early 80's. The trio of distinguished gentlemen built their careers during the "Made in France" exotic jazz era, but once the 70's rolled around - the three would meet nightly at the Ganaro recording studio to fully let their imaginations free. Like three kids set loose in a toy store, the three men went wild experimenting with the electronics and synthesizers at the studio - dropping the stiff conventions of their previous work to produce brilliant, forward-thinking tracks that took their sound to the ends of the galaxy and beyond. The sound here combines elements of musique concrete (think Jean-Jacques Perrey) with space disco, 70's psychedelic funk, and a heavy dallop of Moog synth noodling. Check the sound on " Pop Electronique No 1," "Shut Up," "Devil's Anvil," "Tomorrow," "Poppy Chimes," and "Beyond The Clouds." Tons of breaks and ripe moments for the diggers and producers out there too. I'll have some of what they were smoking please. Comes with printed insert and download card. Recommended.

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  • music label: Born Bad Records 2016
reviewed by Kif K. 10/2016