Nirosta Steel Some Say (Arthur Russell) 7"

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It's not everyday that we're treated to new material from musicians who've left this earth. "Some Say" was produced and mixed by Arthur Russell for his friend Steven Hall who had collaborated with him on the Loose Joints project (most famous for the disco classic, "Is It All Over My Face"). The track was intended for release on Rough Trade, but never saw the light of day. To add to its legacy, it was recorded and engineered by Bob Blank, an engineer who contributed to numerous recordings in the early 80s. For those familiar with Russell's catalog you'll feel his presence all over "Some Say." Hall even seems to channel his friend through his vocal delivery. It's a welcome addition to the storied cellist's oeuvre. On the flip Pocketknife, who's Wilde Calm Records was kind enough to reissue the song, throws down an extended remix using Arthur's BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-55 drum machine. Limited edition of 500 hand-stamped and numbered copies, includes full-color insert with liner notes by Bob Blank.

  • music label: Wilde Calm Records 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 07/2013