Nosaj Thing Fated (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Former Lab employee Nosaj Thing drops his third album making leaps and bounds into space. I think the mark of an accomplished electronica artist is when you listen to their music, you stop thinking about the process + gear and get lost in their sonic world. Yeah as soon as I hit play, I forgot I was writing this review. I wasn't picturing Nosaj working the controller in his signature style, I was just lost. Nosaj as taken his craft to another level: beats have become sparser and more unconventional, synth chords float on strange intervals, and guest vocalists (Chance The Rapper, Maceo Haymes, Whoarei) get woven in deep. The scope reminds me of Flylo's recent album, but Nosaj's vision of space is more Blade Runner than Sun Ra. Can you believe the we had Nosaj Thing and Gaslamp Killer working at our LA store (RIP)?

  • white vinyl version
  • digital download included
  • music label: Innovative Leisure Records 2015
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2015