Numero Group Wayfaring Strangers - Cosmic American Music Vinyl 2LP

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Go down the rabbit hole... The latest entry in Numero Group's Wayfaring Strangers series shines light on obscure and forgotten private press gems of the "Cosmic American" variety. You might be wondering "what is Cosmic American?" Country rock singer Gram Parsons coined the term when describing his own hybrid of country, r&b, soul, and folk rock and this combination of styles, laced with a touch (or more) of psychedelia, is what ties the tracks together on this excellent compilation. Not one of the artists featured here ever made it into the mainstream and are hardly familiar, but each took their own windy musical path to arrive at the unmistakable "Cosmic American" vibe. Includes tracks from Arrogance, Jeff Cowell, The Black Canyon Gang, White Cloud, Doug Firebaugh, and many other artists you've never heard of. Double vinyl pressing with gatefold sleeve and extensive liner notes.

  • gatefold sleeve
  • music label: Numero Group 2016
reviewed by Hank Oh 04/2016