Nuyorican Soul The Nervous Track (Kenny Dope & Louie Vega) Vinyl 12"

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A much welcomed reissue of the first single from MAW's Nuyorican Soul project. This was originally released in 1993 and started a new direction for the production duo and for dance music in general. They combined live players, classic house elements, and a laid-back downtempo feel to create something entirely new. Even listening to this track today, it sounds like it could be a new release. The straight up Ballsy Mix is my pick, dig those incredible breakbeats and old school house sounds. Also includes the Horny Mix with more live horn-play, and the very interesting Yellow Mix which turns the focus towards the bass and adds some bluesy harmonica. A classic no doubt, recommended.

  • music label: Nervous Records 1993 / 2014
reviewed by the mgmnt 06/2006