OB Ignitt Mysterious Vinyl 12"

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OB Ignitt returns! After teaming up with Omar-S for the undeniable "Wayne County Hill Cop's (Part.2)" and owning dancefloors with "Oh Jabba," OB Ignitt drops this three track EP on us. It's all deep Detroit house that follows in the footsteps of "Oh Jabba" to great effect. "Mysterious" offers up a free flowing house cut that evolves slowly over side A, layers and layers building on each other. Look to the B side for your proper floor killers. The percussion filled groover, "Celestial Salacious," leads things off and is followed by "Chocolate City" a real proper party jam. Definitely worthy of the space in your bag.

  • music label: FXHE Records 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 02/2014