Omar Souleyman Heli Yuweli Vinyl 12"

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This record was so in danger of failing under the weight of the different entities involved. But thank god it didn't cuz it's a banger! London's The Trilogy Tapes teams up with skate clothing brand Palace to bring you Syrian wedding singer Omar Souleyman's "Heli Yuweli." It's what you've come to expect from Souleyman: energetic, celebratory, insanely danceable. His vocals are assured and upfront, accompanied by the traditional dabke instruments like the mijwiz, oud and tablas. Label regulars Rezzett take Souleyman through some hazy techno back alley and somehow it just works. Maybe it's the blown out bassline or just all the filtering, I don't know. They just seem to know what to do. Their "Rerezz" version goes even further, taking us to the after party and then back outside for more.

  • music label: The Trilogy Tapes 2016
reviewed by hard to kiss 05/2016