Osborne The Ghostly Remixes (Bullion, Bogdan Raczynski, Lukid) 12"

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Osborne re-vitalizes his self-titled album on Spectral with this diverse, and very creative batch of remixes from producers that share Osborne's fresh vision. The collection opens up with Bullion's afro-electro-psych rework of "Afrika." The UK beatsmith shows why he's one of the most sweated producers in the game right now with this track. Next up is Bogdan Raczynski's kooky remix of "Ruling." He really switches it up as this sounds nothing like the uplifting original, and more like one for the abstract minimal heads. Next up Werk Discs' Lukid flips "There" from a "dreamy New Order nod" to an instrumental hip-hop nodder as well as putting his spin on "Junk Food."

  • Ghostly International / 2010
reviewed by snackmaster 02/2010