Outkast Aquemini Vinyl 3LP

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Outkast is some different shit, realness on the other side of real. I'm not feeling their new album as much, but this one has gained classic status by almost everyone I know. But it's also something people either love or hate. It's become one of my tests to see where people stand. If you put on "SpottieOttieDopalicious" and they ain't feelin it, you got a dead fish and they are kicked out of the clubhouse. Hip hop snobs and backpack rappers can't stand it. Too much soul for them, it's too confusing. "The Art of Storytelling pt.2" is an instant please, but that's before Pete played it 100 times straight in the old Lab. To hard to define, this album floats somewhere on it's own timeline. Buy it, hate it, listen to it, love it... that's how it usually goes. Triple vinyl a steal.

  • music label: La Face / 1998
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2007