Pablo Valentino Friends Say So (Kez YM) 12"

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12" Vinyl $12.95
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Creative Swing Alliance... nuff said. Pablo Valentino, just like label partner Danilo of Motor City Drum Ensemble, carries a slew of releases under different aliases with all of them having QUALITY as their one thing in common. "Friends Say So" serves one purpose and that purpose to get asses on the dance floor and keep em there. The title opener is a moody affair with filtered vocals coming in and out that will set up the rest of the night. "What Does It Take" creates perspiration just by listening to it. "Nuff Thangs" (my personal fave) features Japan's Kez YM and a flip of Black Ivory's Mainline... yeah it's perfection. The final track is possibly the biggest on the 4-track EP and will play nicely with the Techno crowd.

  • music label: Face Records 2013
reviewed by Creative Shwing Alliance