Panda Bear Crosswords Vinyl LP

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A little bit of Panda Bear to take you away till the next LP comes around. Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper gave us a lot to chew on, so much so that that album has given birth to a few EPs. Crosswords EP finds Panda Bear revisiting the track of the same name and giving it a slightly different mix. He drops three new tracks, the bouncing and emotive "The Preakness," the ebb and flow of "Jabberwocky," and the overstuffed "No Mans Land." Closing out the EP is "Cosplay," a track that appeared in completely different form online. It'll probably be the most talked about track on this release with its incessant refrain of "Marijuana makes my day." Chill bro.

  • music label: Domino 2015
reviewed by drippy banana man 11/2015