Passion Pit Kindred Vinyl LP

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Passion Pit returns after a nearly three year hiatus! After the release of his sophomore album, Gossamer, in 2012 there was some doubt whether Michael Angelakos would return to the project. The sole person behind Passion Pit's exuberant pop sound, replete with high pitched vocals and euphoric energy, had revealed the dark undercurrent to his music. His lyrics pointed to his struggles with depression and bi-polar disorder, a far cry from the elation of the music. Kindred finds Angelakos delivering his most direct and honest album to date. All of the infectious qualities from his first two albums are there, however the sound is more stripped back. The pop hooks are pumped and primed, ready to get you ever more into the music. Kindred is an out and out pop record and Angelakos seems all the more ready to embody that world.

  • music label: Columbia 2015
reviewed by Hank Ohs 05/2015