Paul Phillips A Collection Of Rare Soul & Disco 2CD

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Essential purchase for the deep disco and boogie heads. If you remember the first volume of Under The Influence compiled by DJ Red Greg, then I don't even have to sell you on this one 'cause you already know how killer these comps are! For volume 2, they've enlisted Paul Phillips, another elite level crate digger, to put together another batch of rare disco and boogie gems. Phillips hooks it up here in a major way - 24 tracks to be exact, of choice disco 12"s in their full length original form. It doesn't get much better than this! Check tracks from Ron Richardson, Midnight Energy, Special Touch, Pike, State Department, NY Disco Orchestra, Krisp, The Underground Band, and many, many others. Even if you could find the original 12"s, gathering all these tracks would cost a small fortune, so get with the double CD comp. Recommended.

  • music label: Z Records 2012
reviewed by snackmaster 12/2012