Peaking Lights Lucifer in Dub EP

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It's almost hard to imagine Peaking Lights material becoming anymore dubbed out than it already is. Somehow they manage that seemingly insurmountable feat with Lucifer In Dub. The EP focuses on the tracks from Lucifer with heavy rhythms and more space. Peaking Light's Aaron Coyes deftly reworks and redubs the material into fantastic new takes, crafting a surreal twin to the previously released album. Before recording they new that they would have to do a dub of whatever was recorded. And the dubs were made in a relatively traditional manner, with the duo playing as engineers. The mix is more faithful to the low end, with the right amount of bass to make things really hit. Everything is bathed in delays and reverb, particularly the vocals which exist as another texture rather than out in front of everything else. Lucifer In Dub is an especially pleasing listen as it takes Peaking Lights' material to its logical, dubby conclusion. Limited to 200 copies in North America.

  • music label: Mexican Summer 2012
reviewed by Señor Sueño Latino