Pete Rock Petestrumentals 2 Vinyl 2LP

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Pete Rock seems to have an endless well of beats. PeteStrumentals 2 serves as the sequel to his excellent 2001 instrumental album, PeteStrumentals. To say we've been eagerly awaiting this follow up from The Chocolate Boy Wonder would be an understatement. Yeah, we had 2005's The Surviving Elements: From Soul Survivor II Sessions, but that was 10 years ago! And those beats were just the leftovers from his Soul Survivor II album. Needless to say these beats knock in typical Pete Rock fashion. We could go on about the soulful horn samples, his flips of familiar material, and the excellent Dilla tribute, but we don't want to bore you with our words. Just listen to the samples and you'll be convinced you need this in your collection.

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  • music label: Mello Music Group 2015
reviewed by Kool Moby 07/2015