Placebo 1973 (180g) Vinyl LP

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Marc Moulin turned up the funk with the second Placebo album. Named after the year it was released, the Belgian jazz rock outfit's sophomore album features heavy breaks and a more electronic sound than its predecessor. Moulin's playing is more upfront, his weapons of choice being Rhodes and Moog synthesizer. The opening track, "Bolkwush," is all Moulin on the keys, horns backing him with finesse, and gives us the sample for Dilla's "Dewitt to Do It." "Balek," with its pounding drums and pulsing Moog will most likely be the cut that gets most heads turning. And there is plenty more to sink your teeth into on the album. The funky jam of "Only Nineteen" and the ambient experimentation of "Re-Union" are both worth further inspection. Moulin and his fellow musicians thankfully avoid the indulgences of the prog rock that was so popular at the time and never stray too far from the groove. 1973 is a welcome addition to any rare groove or funk collection. Recommended.

  • Music On Vinyl 180 gram pressing
  • music label: CBS 1973 / Music On Vinyl 2015
reviewed by Sensational Stu 07/2015