Prefuse 73 Rivington Não Rio Vinyl LP

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The music of Prefuse 73 is largely about texture. His sounds are fine tuned and diligently placed, something that you can hear and feel no matter how chaotic the proceedings can become. Although Prefuse 73 (aka Scott Herren) has kept busy with a number of releases under his various alias over the past few years, it's been awhile (nearly four years) since we've heard anything from his bread and butter project. Rivington Não Rio is some of the most kinetic and hyperactive music that Herren has released. Beats shift and the music is constantly in motion. There are moments of calmness and serenity that provide respite from the endless movement. Those trade offs between the frenetic pace and more mellow points is something that Herren is particularly adept at. His music can be both relaxing and invigorating, often at the same time. Rivington Não Rio offers up these experiences in spades, and that is one of the greatest things about the album. It's something that only Herren can do and some how he's still got it.

  • includes download of the album
  • music label: Temporary Residence Limited 2015
reviewed by Kool Moby 06/2015