Preoccupations Preoccupations (Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Sophomore studio album from the band formerly known as Viet Cong. Preoccupations' eponymous album marks a bit of a stylistic change from the previous incarnation of the band. While they both offer up heavy post-punk, singer and bassist Matt Flegel's vocals have become something else entirely. His yelp comes through at times but a growling presence seems to dominate now. The band also seems to channel early New Order and The Cure as they've embraced those bands' rhythmic elements. However, the sound is heavier and denser than anything that Preoccupations seems to be drawing influence from. Includes the songs: "Memory," "Zodiac," and "Degraded." Nine tracks in all. Released by Jagjaguwar on limited edition clear vinyl.

  • limited edition clear vinyl pressing
  • music label: Jagjaguwar 2016
reviewed by Le Haim 09/2016