Pro-Ject Acryl-It Acrylic Platter Upgrade

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Pro-Ject Acryl-It $129.00
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Pro-Ject's Acryl-It Platter Upgrade is both a sonic and aesthetic upgrade to your Debut Series, 1Xpression, or 1Xpression II. The platter is crafted of a dense acrylic material that actually lowers background noise and clarifies the bass and highs to make the music more 3-dimensional. Not only that, the Acryl-It makes your turntable look much more visually appealing with its clear body. Can be used with or without a slipmat on top.

  • works with Pro-Ject Debut Series, 1Xpression, or 1Xpression II turntables as well as Music Hall MMF-2.2. and 5.1 turntables
  • lowers background noise
  • improved bass and highs
  • music hall version also available