• Pro-Ject: Acryl-It Platter Upgrade

Acryl-It Acrylic Platter Upgrade

↳ sonic and aesthetic upgrade for audiophile turntables

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Pro-Ject's Acryl-It Platter Upgrade is both a sonic and aesthetic upgrade to your Debut Series, 1Xpression, or 1Xpression II. The platter is crafted of a dense acrylic material that actually lowers background noise and clarifies the bass and highs to make the music more 3-dimensional. Not only that, the Acryl-It makes your turntable look much more visually appealing with its clear body. Can be used with or without a slipmat on top.

  • works with Pro-Ject Debut Series, 1Xpression, or 1Xpression II turntables as well as Music Hall MMF-2.2. and 5.1 turntables
  • lowers background noise
  • improved bass and highs
  • music hall version also available

Questions & Answers

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  • Can the Aztec Blue Record Mat be used with the upgrade acrylic record platter or is it better used alone?

    The Music Hall Aztec Blue Record Mat can be used on an Acrylic platter, however most users prefer not using any mat with Acrylic platters. Acrylic platters absorb vibration, so when you use a mat, you're forgoing that feature of the acrylic platter and replacing it with the cork's dampening characteristics. If you do end up using the cork mat, you'll still maintain the acrylic platter's speed stability feature. TLDR: yes you can use it, but if you specifically bought the acrylic platter for its sound quality and enjoy it, we would skip the cork.


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