Project Pablo I Want To Believe Vinyl 12"

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Much anticipated vinyl debut from 1080p! The Vancouver-based label has gained quite a cult following through their limited edition cassette releases and finally steps it with a 12" version of select tracks from Project Pablo's killer I Want To Believe album. Funky, laid back house is the name of the game, and Pablo is in it to win it with the grooving sounds of "Follow It Up" (here in a 12" exclusive Dandana Mix) that recalls some of Metro Area's best moments. The vibes continue with "Movin Out," "Always," and the quirky and fun "Why, Though?". Fans of Pender Street SteppersJack J, Andras Fox, etc. need to get on this asap. Comes in stickered sleeve, recommended.

  • music label: 1080p 2015
reviewed by Baggy Tapir 12/2015